Wireless Network Testing

Does your company or organization have a wireless network?

Wireless network tests help companies and organizations verify and improve the security of existing wireless networks, and ensure that no rogue wireless access points have infiltrated their work space.

Experience counts! Handshake’s consultants have the tools and the experience to do a thorough examination of your entire company network, leaving no stone unturned and no wireless access point undetected. Our consultants are professionals; a wireless network scan is quick, easy, and essential to your company’s security.

There are two types of institutional wireless networks: company networks used by staff, and hotspot networks used by members of the public.

Company Networks:

  • Encryption strength evaluation:

    • Is your encryption good enough?
    • Can our consultants join your networks from the outside?
    • Are your access points physically secure?
  • Wireless footprint analysis:

    • Does your wireless signal extend outside your office?
    • Can we access your network from next door? From over the road? From an employee’s rogue access point?
    • Do any other companies’ wireless signals extend inadvertently into your workspace, jeopardizing the integrity of your internal networks?

Our consultants have a toolbox of scanning tools and various powerful and directional antennas, useful for finding all sorts of wireless networks including those with hidden SSIDs. We can evaluate ease of access to the networks by walking through the office to test where the signal is weak or strong, and where employees might encounter problems accessing the networks. This helps you create the most effective wireless network possible.

Public Networks:

Even the smallest overlap between your public networks and your back-end internal networks could create a potentially serious security hole. Don’t leave your security to chance! Our consultants will test your hotspot billing systems, the terms and conditions of access, and the security of one user against another. They can test the security of the access point itself, test for wireless shortcomings, and look for rogue access points. They can check wireless encryption for weak passwords, and evaluate the security of connections from the hotspot network to your back-end networks.

Handshake’s consultants also perform wireless audits, analyzing companies’ wireless network diagrams and assessing overall build quality. They can either test the network already in place, or help you set up a new network designed from scratch.

Be wary when setting up a wireless network; more is at stake than convenience and expediency.

Handshake is your partner in creating a baseline for company or organizational wireless security, and performing compliance checks against your company’s own policies.