Handshake Networking Ltd (Handshake) is dedicated to providing consultancy, testing, assurance and audit services to blue-chip businesses in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.


Handshake is a local company, incorporated in Hong Kong in 2004. Our staff members are permanently based in the region, and we have never charged clients for travel or accommodation for work performed in Hong Kong. Our staff members have multidisciplinary backgrounds that provide the ideal basis for technical audit work.


Our methodology is based on a breadth-first approach that ensures completeness, and an internal peer-review system that guarantees accuracy. We take a business-oriented approach to information security, ensuring the results we produce can be used in our clients’ existing risk management frameworks.

Across the spectrum of information security consultancy, Handshake offers a wide variety of services, including penetration testing, information systems audit, general consultancy, forensic computing, and security awareness training.


Handshake clearly delineates which services it provides and which it does not. Handshake is a consultancy and does not sell managed services, nor internally produced products or those sold on behalf of other vendors. We are strictly independent, and while various products may be recommended based on client’s requirements, these products are selected from a wide field and any recommendations are made solely with the aim of best mitigating and managing the individual client’s risk. Handshake will not procure and re-sell any products to their clients; by allowing clients to select their own vendors, clients can be confident that our advice is free from third-party bias.


Our consultants use open-source methodologies and tools to test your networks, ensuring the greatest accuracy in emulating real-world security risks.

OSSTMM provides the basic metric and outline to performing accurate and comprehensive penetration tests on networks and hosts. It provides a guideline for testing, and also a guide to best practises, ethics, laws, and regulations, all of which Handshake Networking regards with the utmost gravity as an information security consultancy.

More Information

Contact us for more information about our services; our managing consultant, Richard Stagg, a frequent commentator on security issues in media publications around the world, welcomes your questions and comments on security concerns from general to specific. He can be reached at rjs@handshake.hk.