Web Application Testing

This test examines a web-site or web-application to attempt to locate vulnerabilities

It is usually performed remotely and comprises a manual test of the application together with testing tools to attempt to subvert authentication mechanisms, gain unauthorised access to data, manipulate data values used by the application. It aso examines the server supporting the application for configuration errors

Handshake Networking Ltd provides thorough web application security testing and auditing. Our consultants have years of experience, and an exceptional understanding of input validation, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and server configuration.

Though companies may think their networks are secure, most security breaches do not take place on misconfigured firewalls, or because of server vulnerabilities, but rather through poorly secured web applications. Tight deadlines and budgets, coupled with improper understanding of secure web application protocols, can lead to insecure web applications, severely compromising the integrity of company information and systems. This leaves critical internal servers vulnerable to attack, and stored data (such as credit card numbers or confidential company information) unsecured and easy to steal.

The scary truth is most programming is still considered a commodity.

Although programmers should follow appropriate security standards and complete proper security tests as they build web application projects, programming is too often outsourced to third parties and put into use before testing is complete. Consultants can test all web platforms, in all programming languages, eliminating the danger of security breaches.

Testing is not just about reducing risk—it is also about increasing control.

Handshake works with companies on a business level to help manage risk in the short- and long-term. On many programs and large projects, improperly-planned testing can take up a significant portion of the budget. That’s why Handshake uses a unique risk-assessment methodology allows companies to cost-effectively manage information security, giving a complete breakdown of risks organized by their impact and likelihood. This allows managers the flexibility to address serious problems immediately, while other vulnerabilities can be corrected as time and money permit.

Handshake consistently provides its clients with maximum return on their security investment. Located in Hong Kong, Handshake has built long-term relationships with its many clients.