We offer training courses tailored to the needs of your company or organization.

Our consultants are widely-acknowledged leaders in the fields of security management and risk analysis. Years of experience in the security management and in security audit mean our consultants understand the risks associated with increasing amounts of network-accessible information, and can clearly and concisely convey this information to your company’s managers and engineers.

We bring our knowledge to you.

Handshake’s consultants will perform on-site training in the areas of web application development security, general staff awareness of security concerns, and courses tailored especially for management, too—highlighting the “Top Ten” concerns, from a security perspective, your management team should be aware of.

The following is just a selection of the courses we can create for your management and staff, and the individual requirements of your company or organization:

Training your Web Application Developers

This course is aimed at developers and those who manage developers. It provides, with examples, information about how coding errors become security problems in live applications. Based on the Open Web Application Security Project “Top Ten” security risks, it aims to give developers a firm understanding of how they are also part of the security lifecycle, and how they can design, code and test with security in mind.

Acceptable Use Policies

Intended for HR and IT managers, this course deals with the impact of the social networking technologies on businesses. Most businesses only have Acceptable Use Policies for simple things like web and e-mails, and these are invariably many years old. New policies have to be created for social networking and smart phones etc, and the implications of doing so have to be taken into account.

IT Staff Security Training

From years of penetration testing, we have discovered the majority of business security problems are caused by one of thirteen simple faults. This course is intended for operational IT staff and it discusses these easy-to-correct problems, with the aim of reducing the occurrences of simple security incidents.

Our courses are fully modular and can be customized to your company’s needs and skill levels. We can train your staff at at your convenience, not ours—which means that we won’t lock you in to a schedule set by an external training body, but rather conform to yours.

Our consultants’ varied experiences and adventures in information security make lively and interesting presentations; you and your staff will gain a lot more knowledge than just dry facts and figures—you’ll learn about the culture of security, and how to protect your company from easy-to-avoid security incidents.