External Penetration Testing

An external penetration test is a simulated attack against a network or specific servers using hacker’s tools and techniques

  • It is performed from an external Internet connection with no special privileges

  • The test attempts to find vulnerabilities in the network which allow sensitive information to be obtained or modified or for control over systems

  • The test first examines what information is available in the public domain or from the company’s web-site or email headers that may be used by hackers to target their attack

  • Next the company’s public network footprint is examined to determine how the network is connected to the Internet, what servers are responding and what services are running on these servers

  • In the third phase, the discovered services are examined for security vulnerabilities or configuration issues that can be used to gain further access to the system

  • Finally, any systems that have been accessed are used to attempt further access to other systems in the network

  • The test results in a PDF with detailed results and a spreadsheet with a checklist of problems which are graded according to their severity, giving the client a list of action items to use to improve the security of the network

    Not knowing what threatens your networks is scary. Thinking you know and being wrong is even scarier.

As the use of computer-based information increases, so does the associated risk. At Handshake Networking Ltd, we’re committed to ensuring that you are protected. When it comes to your systems’ security, nothing is more powerful than understanding where you’re vulnerable, and how to address it.

We perform scenario-based tests and give clients customized reports; we don’t deliver hundreds of pages of valueless raw output from automated security vulnerability assessment scanning tools.

Companies face many threats, from defaced web sites to databases stolen by their own employees. That’s why Handshake uses a scenario-based approach to give you solutions you can actually use. We customize each test, using realistic methods and tools available to real hackers, to deliver a security vulnerability assessment report that takes into consideration the risks faced by your company, and the likelihood of their occurrence.

Assessments are not just about reducing risk—they’re also about increasing control.

Our consultants can perform both internal and external vulnerability assessments. External assessments involve examining all components in your company’s network, focusing on individual weaknesses. Internal assessments are broader in scope; in an internal test, we deliver our results according to control failures and numbers of hosts affected, allowing you to address the real problems, instead of wasting your time on individual machines and components.

We give you results you can use, and there is no price tag on peace of mind.

We treat security as a business issue, not a technical one. Handshake offers some of the most comprehensive and cost-effective tests available anywhere in the world. Our team of expert consultants has a proven record of satisfied clients, and will give you maximum return on security investment.