Hospitality Services Testing

Handshake Networking Ltd’s team of consultants perform guest-system tests for hotels, clubs and hospitality groups across Hong Kong and worldwide.

As your properties provide more complex services and technology to your guests, they become vulnerable to a range of security problems including reputational damage and legal exposure. This is unacceptable risk.

Our consultants will test your properties':

  • Wired high-speed Internet access
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Voice over IP telephony
  • IP set-top-boxes and video on demand services
  • Public workstations in business centers

We will give you a customized, hand-written report. Handshake’s team has developed a unique risk-assessment methodology, giving a complete breakdown of risks, organized by their impact and likelihood, allowing companies to cost-effectively manage security of their guest systems. This allows managers the flexibility to address serious problems immediately, while other vulnerabilities are corrected as time and money permit.

Handshake’s engineers have tested for and FOUND the following vulnerabilities during actual tests:

  • A property’s private administrative systems were accessible and potentially vulnerable to snooping by a guest using their in-room connection

  • A property’s guests could acquire visibility of, and attempt to gain access to, other guests’ laptops – also connected to the in-room Internet service

  • A property’s guests could obtain use of the in-room Internet service without paying the correct amount, or anything at all, or with charges fraudulently applied to another guest’s bill

  • A property’s guests were able to make free calls using the property’s VoIP telephones

  • A property’s guests could use the IP television network to acquire the actual source files for movies licensed to the property before they were even available on DVD to the public at large.

This is just a selection of the problems that can exist.

Good penetration tests are based on a scenario. In order to test hotel in-room Internet systems, our consultants must emulate a hotel guest as closely as possible—from the tools we use to the information available to us. We must work under the same constraints as a guest, and optimally we must conduct testing in the hotel itself. However, Handshake’s consultants have designed a remote testing solution for guest systems, allowing a nearly 100% realistic internal penetration test of your guest-system services performed from our Hong Kong lab, wherever your hotel is located—anywhere in the world.

Guest-service tests are not just about reducing risk—they’re also about increasing control.

We treat security as a business issue, not a technical one. Handshake offers some of the most comprehensive and cost-effective tests available anywhere in the world. Our team of expert consultants has a proven record of satisfied clients, and will give you maximum return on security investment.