Forensic Services

When your company or organization is faced with the need for secure and confidential investigation or data recovery, Handshake Networking Ltd’s team of engineers can help.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Handshake’s engineers have worked on public- and private-sector forensics cases for many years, with experience in performing all types of data acquisition and analysis, preparing evidence, and presenting evidence before courts or tribunals.

There are three parts to computer forensics:

1. Acquisition of evidence

First our engineers make a copy of the device in need of analysis. This could include hard disks, CDs, USB memory sticks, or other devices such as PDAs or mobile phones. Using the most rigorous methodology, our engineers preserve the accuracy and integrity of this copy and maintain a chain of custody throughout the process, meaning you’ll be confident the evidence remains true and valid—and admissible in court. We can acquire data overtly or covertly, we can perform network acquisitions, and we can use these same tools and techniques to recover deleted or corrupted files for your company or organization.

2. Analysis of evidence

With years of experience including work carried out for Scotland Yard and other UK police forces, Handshake’s chief engineer can perform different levels of analysis for your company or organization based on your set of needs and requirements. We can perform simple keyword searches, extracting the relevant files and sending them back to you for further study, or we can perform complex, open-ended searches for clients in need of a more complicated analysis.

3. Case preparation

Handshake’s team has experience in preparing evidence in a suitable manner that will be admissible in court. Our consultants will take their analysis and compile it into a formal statement that can be used in affidavit or used as evidence presented in front of a court, a tribunal, or other legal body. We can speak in court or submit a brief, depending on the legal system in use.

We do all this work under controlled, secured lab conditions, and destroy the evidence in a manner that absolutely precludes its recovery.

It’s impossible to predict when your company or organization will be faced with the need for forensic investigation—you can’t schedule it. Handshake’s team is there for you, ready to help at any moment. Located in Hong Kong, Handshake has built long-term relationships with its many clients.