Handshake’s Facebook Page

Posted On: Thu 30 August 2012
For regular security updates, don’t forget to “Like” the Handshake Networking Ltd Facebook page. Surf to https://www.facebook.com/handshake.networking to take a look!

Critical Java Vulnerability (CVE-2012-4681)

Posted On: Thu 30 August 2012
The recent Java vulnerability (CVE-2012-4681) is being exploited in the wild. In the lab, we’ve successfully taken over a variety of machines (yes, Macs too), using a variety of browsers. Java 7 is vulnerable; Java 6 seems not to be. The amount of access that this exploit gives an attacker makes [...]

Do “Password Managers” improve or damage security?

Posted On: Sun 12 August 2012
We all know that passwords are the most tempting and valuable targets in any attack on security, and that they are the end-users’ least favourite things. Study after study shows that minimum length, complexity, and the need to choose a new password every 90 days are users’ greatest security gripes. Good password practice is so inconvenient, [...]